Neuropsychological evaluation

An evaluation of a child’s cognitive strengths and difficulties as well as well-being

A neuropsychological evaluation has several steps:

  • History taking
  • Clinical observation
  • Testing of cognitive strengths and difficulties
  • Questionnaire use, e.g. anxiety or depression
  • Interview of the child, parents, and/or teacher
  • Feedback session to the child/ parent/ teacher
  • A written report


Since 2002, I have conducted pediatric neuropsychological evaluation in hospital setting (Rigshospitalet), pediatric rehabiliation facility (Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury, Copenhagen university), for schools and municipalities (VISO).

I have a MA in Psychology from Copenhagen University, that I have supplied with a 5-year further education program that entitled me as a certified pediatric neuropsychologist. In addition, I hold a PhD from Aarhus University that focused on measurement tools.

I am or have been teaching classes at university level in Pediatric Neuropsychology (Copenhagen University, master-level students), Pediatric Diagnosis (Copenhagen University,  (bachelor-level students), and Developmental Neuropsychology (Danish Institute of Studies Abroad, bachelor-level students).