Supervision on individual or group level regarding professional challenges is offered to psychologist and other professionals regarding pediatric neuropsychology, brain-behavior relationship, tests and questionaires as well as intervention aimed at children.

As an example I supervise in use and interpretation of the following tests, questionnaires and intervention methods:

ASQ-3 – Ages and Stages Questionnaire, Third Edition

ASQ:SE-2 – Ages and Stages Questionnaire, Second Edition

BRIEF-2 – Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function

BYI-II – Beck Youth Inventory, Second Edition

CBRS – Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating System

CEFI – Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory

CNT – Contingency Naming Test

Conners-3 – Conners-3

D-KEFS – Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System

D-REF – Delis Rating of Executive Functions

HOT – Hukommelses- og Opmærksomhedstræning (not available from publisher, but I have access to the material)

RCFT – Reys Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial

SDQ – Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

SEAM – Social Emotional Assessment/ Evaluation Measure

TEA-Ch – Test of Everyday Attention for Children

TOMAL-2 – Test of Memory and Learning, Second Edition

WISC-V – Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition

5-15  – Five to Fifteen