Nina Madsen Sjö

Nina Madsen Sjö
Nina Madsen Sjö

I am a certified pediatric neuropsychologist based in Copenhagen with extensive clinical and evidence-based applied research expertise.

My professional life has been focused on children’s development, especially children with special needs. I believe my thorough knowledge of clinical and applied research trends gives me a unique opportunity to master complex as well as small-scale assessment of children [age: 3-18 yr].

For the past 15 years, my worklife has centered on cognitive assessments and implementations of pediatric intervention studies, e.g. the Attention and Memory Training program (AMAT-C). In addition, I have culturally adapted and collected norms on validated assessment tools, therefore I am knowledgeable on available tests and questionnaires in English and Danish including cultural differences in an assessment situation. I offer evaluations in English as well as Danish.

During my PhD (2013-2017) at Aarhus University and Rambøll Management Consulting, I adapted and normed a newly released resource-focused socio-emotional questionnaire for use by teachers, see additional information in this peer-reviewed publication.

Currently as an independent consultant, I offer pediatric neuropsychological evaluations to insurance providers,  municipalities, schools, and parents. Furthermore, I advice research organizations and publishers on how to choose the “right” assessment tools and how to implement interventions. For instance, I am involved in a project that supports parents in ethnic minority families and another project which assess learning skills and psychiatric symptoms in children with PTSD.

For interest, please see my résumé or the abstract of my PhD

I welcome the chance to speak with you.